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Ohba Leaf Japanese Kitchen

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Our Story ABOUT

Welcome to Ohbaleaf Restaurant. Our restaurant named by the Japanese basil leaf which can be served as tempura, in salads and with sashimi. It is also ground and used to flavour sauces, added to ponzu (a soya sauce, dashi (fish stock) and daidai juice sauce), used in nabe (Japanese stews) and Japanese-style spaghetti dishes.

At Ohba leaf we offer our best Sushi, Sashimi, Maki Roll, Salad, Tempura, Donburi, Japanese Curry and Teriyaki


Our Menus Menu


Crispy coated deep fried tofu with Tentsuyu sauce
Carpaccio of sirloin with tangy homemade ponzu flavoured with chilli, garlic, and coriander
Coated in batter and lightly fried, served with dipping sauce
Grilled aubergine with sweet miso

Special Sushi Roll

Salmon and cucumber, Tobiko and avocado salmon topping with Unagi sauce
Soft shell crab with avocado, Tobiko and spicy sauce
Battered vegetable tempura roll

Main Dishes

Deep-fried chicken escalope in the breadcrumb, served with salad and katsu dipping sauce
Served with rice and salad
Stir-frysliced beef, onions, soya sauce served over rice
Slices of fresh assorted seafood served on top of sushi rice

Our Locations Branches


125 Grove Road, London E17 9BU

Tel : 020 3515 0606
E-mail : walthamstow@ohbaleaf.co.uk

Mon – Wed: 11:45  – 21:00
Thur  : 11:00 – 21:00
Fri – Sat: 11:45 – 21:30
Sun : 11:00 -20:30



64-66 Brooksby’s Walk,
Homerton, London E9 6DA

Tel : 0203 515 0456
E-mail : hackney@ohbaleaf.co.uk

Mon – Thur: 11:45  – 21:00
Fri – Sat: 11:45 – 21:30
Sun : 11:00 -20:30